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    Welcome to Qeyadah Driving Solution

    QDS offers an organized manner in which an individual can register and obtain their driving license within a very short period of time coupled with the individual receiving exceptional training skills.

    QDS harbors qualified Instructors with the same level of dedication and commitment as does EDI. The instructors come from the same countries as our students and are able, therefore, to instruct students in their primary language, making the learning experience a friendly experience.

    QDS standards are set at International levels and our driving tuition methods are continuously updated to make use of the latest driving techniques. Our international partners play a major role in ensuring we are kept in touch with leading edge driving & testing tuition developments.

    In relation to ensuring our services are delivered effectively we place great importance on Customer Service and our Customer Service Staff is always ready to assist students where necessary.

    Our System of Tuition

    To ensure our students maximize their chances of passing their Police Tests we encourage them to follow a step by step procedure which requires them to ensure they are both competent and confident in each step before moving to the next step. The major steps are

     General acclimatization with the driving environment in Ajman including its road systems and traffic signs.

    General familiarization with the vehicle: including an outline understanding of how a vehicle responds to driver instructions through the use of the pedals and other mechanical means training in our yard, including hill starts, parking and general vehicle control.

    Road driving outside the yard to acclimatize the student with traffic conditions.

    At each stage of our students' progress we carry out Internal Assessments to ensure they have correctly absorbed the knowledge and experience they require

    To take them to the next stage of their tuition.

    As a testament to our success it is interesting to note that a very high proportion of our students come to us, not from the small number of advertisements we place, but from friends and relative referrals : friends or family that learned to drive with us and were very pleased with our customer care; try quality and good service.

    What our Clients say about us

    I joined Qeyadah because all my family members have taken their license here and highly recommended this diving school.

    Fatima Abdulla, Qeyadah Student.

    I got it in my first attempt. Can't express how much relieved I am than happy. Of course because of Qeyadah. Great moment indeed!. Professionalism at its best

    Vinod Ramanujan, Qeyadah Student.


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